542 Wooton Road Metchosin, BC

Apprentice Recruitment

Metchosin Farm is recruiting a new apprentice to join our team!  We are offering a stipend and free accommodation on our farm.  The post is open to all candidates, with a preference for those with seed growing experience.

Job Description



What is Metchosin Farm?

Metchosin Farm is a small organic farm.  We are a diverse farm incorporating seeds, plant starts, fruit bushes, animals, and education programs as part of our work.

Our farm is located on southern Vancouver Island in an amazing temperate Mediterranean climate that allows us to grow foods as diverse as almonds, figs, salads and tomatoes. As part of the farm vision, one of our goals is to help others in the community and encourage the choice of the native, local, heirloom and organic bounty at our fingertips!

We are proud to grow a wide range organic products specializing in heirloom, local and indigenous vegetables, berries and other edible plant starters. We offer these high quality starters by order to commercial nurseries and also make our products available to home gardeners at market and our farm stand, which is open every day of the year.

At Metchosin Farm, we specialize in:

  • garden seeds
  • edible plants
  • heirloom tomatoes (60+ varieties)
  • annual vegetable starts (25+ varieties)
  • perennial food plants
  • soft fruits (17+ varieties)
  • native seeds and native edibles

If you are interested in hearing about farm news, including plant sales, growing tips, workshops, and recipes, please join our mailing list by clicking here. For the most recent farm updates, keep in touch with us on facebook.


Curious to see the farm for yourself?
Here is a SocialCoast video from a UVic Environmental Studies farm field trip.