At Metchosin Farm, we understand the importance of seeds.  In the face of a global decline in the diversity of seeds available to farmers and gardeners, we are dedicated to providing growers with Locally Grown, Adapted, and Open Pollinated seeds.


The majority of seeds grown in the world are grown a long way from our west coast.  Locally grown seeds have the advantage of being well adapted to the local climate, pests, soils and other condition.  Locally grown seeds are also much more likely survive over the winter, and self-seed in the garden.


Our seeds come from plants grown without harmful chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers.  By choosing our seeds, you know that the plants are genetically ready for your gardening and farming needs.  By contrast, conventional seeds can depend on chemicals to survive, and over generations will loose their resilience to basic conditions like droughts, poor soils, or pests.  Our seeds grow into stronger, healtier plants that are easier to grow.


All of our seeds are Open Pollinated, as opposed to Hybrids.  That means that anybody who grows form our seeds can save the seeds from those plants and get the same variety year after years.  We strongly encourage our customers to become part of a growing community of seed savers, maintaining the diversity of our food plants one garden at a time.

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